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KLK OLEO is the oleochemical manufacturing division of Kuala Lumpur Kepong Berhad, a leading international plantations group listed on the Malaysia stock exchange. Started in 1991, KLK OLEO has since expanded to become a leading global oleochemicals producer with manufacturing facilities located in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Belgium.

Strategically integrated to our upstream plantations parent, KLK OLEO is able to extract synergies and focus on developing sustainable solutions and reliable supply for our customers.  At KLK OLEO, sustainability is integral to our business.  Being a member of the RSPO, we are committed to delivering high quality and safe products to our customers, and ensuring high traceability throughout our supply chain.  KLK OLEO’s strong commitment to meet customers’ expectations underscores our solid reputation as a reliable supplier in the global market place. 

Our product portfolio includes

Oleo Basics

  1. Fatty Acids
  2. Glycerine
  3. Methyl Esters
  4. Fatty Alcohols

Oleo Derivatives & Specialties

  1. Alkanolamides (Monoethanolamides & Diethanolamides)
  2. Alkoxylates Learn more about this product
  3. Benzyl Quats
  4. Biodiesels
  5. Dimerised Fatty Acids
  6. Isostearic Acids
  7. Ethylene Bis-Stearamides
  8. Fatty & Specialty Esters
  9. Soap Bases (Soap Noodles)
  10. Sulph(on)ates Learn more about this product
  11. Sulphonated Methyl Esters
  12. Syndets

Fine Chemicals

  1. Carotenoids
  2. Tocotrienols (Vitamin E) Learn more about Tocotrienols

Our products are used in diverse end-use applications: home & personal care, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & toiletries, foods & beverage, flavours & fragrances, and in industrial chemical use such as lubricants, polymers, textile & leather, and the paper industries.

Headquartered in Malaysia, with a workforce of 3,000 people worldwide, we are proud that our products reach out to 123 countries in the world, and because of their diverse usage, continue to impact and touch lives positively, every day.

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Contact Details

Sales & Marketing
Level 8, Menara KLK, No.1, Jalan PJU 7/6,
Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Phone: +603 7809 8833

Product categories

Adhesives • Agrochemicals • APIs • Chemical Intermediates • Coatings • Cosmetics & Personal Care • Flavours/Fragrances • Food Ingredients • General Chemicals • Industrial Cleaning & Detergents • Oilfield & Mining Chemicals • Organic/Inorganic Intermediates • Pharmaceutical Excipients • Pharmaceutical Intermediates • Plastics Additives • Polymers • Printing/Reprographic Inks • Surfactants • Textiles

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