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Aether Industries Ltd.

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Aether Industries Ltd.


Aether Industries (based in Surat, Gujarat, India) is a leading manufacturer of advanced intermediates for the pharmaceutical, material science, electronic chemical, and fine / speciality chemical industries. Production capacity of 1000’s MT is available in our state-of-art and DCS automated manufacturing facilities. Aether is also a leading CRAMS (contract research and manufacturing services) provider, built upon technology intensive and state-of-art R&D and pilot plant facilities.

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Our core chemistry competencies (at annual production scales of 400-800 MT) include:

• Grignard Chemistry

• Ethylene Oxide Chemistry

• Isobutylene Chemistry

• Hydrogenation

• Catalysis (Heterogeneous / Homogeneous)

• Etherification / Ullmann Chemistry

• Coupling Reactions (Suzuki-Miyaura, Heck)

• Exothermic Chemistry (Nitration, Halogenation)

• Organolithiation Chemistry


Our core technology competencies (at annual production scales of 400-800 MT) include:

• Continuous Reaction

• Batch Reaction

• High Pressure Reaction

• Fixed Bed Reaction

• Cryogenic Reaction

• DCS Process Automation

• High Vacuum Distillation (Wiped Film / Short Path / Fractional)

Contact Details

Mr. Rohan Desai
Plot No. 8203,
GIDC Industrial Estate,
Sachin - 394230
Surat, Gujarat

Phone: +912613303000

Product categories

Agrochemicals • Chemical Intermediates • Coatings • Contract & Toll Manufacture • Custom Synthesis • Electronics Chemicals • General Chemicals • Pharmaceutical Intermediates • Photographic Chemicals • Polymers

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